Sunday, March 1, 2015


The sign of relief around here and in most of the USA is almost audible from near and far. It's March....February is a memory and a not so good one, either. What a beating we have taken this winter, haven't we? I'm so glad we closed the inn for a couple of months and quite frankly will probably stay closed for a couple more weeks because March can be a sneaky month. Yes the sun is definitely warmer and feels so great in your car or on your face while walking. But it can throw a few punches, too as we all know. And I won't even mention those snow storms we've occasionally had in April. Having an inn in a town that is mostly focused on the beach is pretty tricky, too. I love this time of year because the anticipation begins. The planning begins. The repairs begin. I do enjoy the down time but by now I am bored and anxious to get on with it. Sometimes I wish we were busy all year but in all honesty, it's nice to get a break also. Every spring there is a new beginning for all of us. But for an innkeeper in a shore town there is that extra element of excitement in the air and around this old house. What will I change this year. What will I improve on. What room needs to be revamped. Also, who will come back this year and what new guests will cross our path. As I've indicated before, I have big plans for my barn which I am not yet ready to share. I will also be having my Spring Vintage Market in June. So hello March....I'm ready for you! Keeping inn touch......

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  1. I LOVE your blog posts....I love your stories...and I can't wait to come and stay. Sending hugs on this wintry day of snow and ice. (blah!) Another day the store is closed and most likely tomorrow too...hopefully in like a Lion, out like a Lamb holds true....I want the "lamb" part to start March 3rd!!


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