Monday, June 8, 2015

Home is Where the Inn Is

Unavoidably the first question people ask me when talking about innkeeping is "oh but it's so much work isn't it?". My answer to them is always "yes, but I'm doing what I love". It's true, innkeeping is a lot of work, but no different from jobs of every profession. There isn't a profession around that doesn't require hard work if you want to be successful. The key is to do what you love and are passionate about. I know for many that is not the case. I feel so fortunate that I get to do what comes natural to me....creating a home. I have always been a nester. My world has always been centered around my home and my family. It just seems fitting that now that my children are grown I still have those cozy beds awaiting a weary head looking for comfort. I'm thrilled when people tell me this is their home away from home. I know that as an innkeeper I offer my guests a place to relax and breathe. Here you will not find formal. Instead, every corner lends itself to putting your feet up and taking in the peaceful surroundings. I know that my guests feel safe and well-cared for. Although this is an old house that has its quirks, it is definitely a home that was meant to have a screen door banging whether it's the front door or an upstairs porch. It's meant to have gardens loaded with perennials and well loved chairs to sit on. For the brief time that you are here, you are home. That is what I try to do here, and it sure doesn't feel much like work.


  1. Love this honest and heartspun - I can't wait to visit....sendig love and best wishes for a very busy season....XOXO Judy


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