Wednesday, January 21, 2015

So Many Plans

This is the time of year that my wheels start turning. Lots of downtime to look over magazines, decorating books and visiting my favorite shops and discovering new ones. As everyone knows, this can be dangerous because of all the inspiration out there. This is the time of year when I start making lists and of course those lists entail money and that's when my husband wants to lock me in the closet. That being said, a girl can dream can't she???? My latest dream involves my barn. That building just keeps calling to me. I will still be having my vintage markets out of there. But after a trip to Terrain recently and a few conversations with some friends, the ideas started forming. That is all I'll say for now. I have a very small budget to work with, but if it works out it will be awesome. It will make you want to come to the Jersey Shore and stay here....and if it doesn't work out you should still come to the Jersey shore and stay here...... Check back for updates......
Keeping Inn Touch......


  1. How exciting....I have never been to Terrain...(can you believe that)!! It is somewhere I really want to visit...I do get their emails.. :) Can't wait to see what you are up to and can't wait to visit! XO, Judy

    1. Judy you will love it! It is inspiring. You have to go! XO

  2. Fun! New ideas are exciting. I would love to come to the Jersey shore one of these days!


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