Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Heart of the Inn.........

Today I have repeat guests coming to stay. Often times I will host people that have a special connection to the inn. I host two gentlemen every summer who come to attend Monmouth Racetrack. One of these gentlemen used to play in this house as a boy when it was a private home. I love to hear these stories and enjoy so much the fact that this beautiful home has such a long and storied history. It has been many things over the years. It originally was a summer home built by a man named Gilbert Marcellus. This was in 1882. After that it became a rest stop for weary travelers. At one point during its long history it was a millinery shop. A few years ago I had a lovely couple come to stay. The gentleman gave me a little history about Marcellus Ave. which is the street the inn is on.
He lived a few doors down from the inn when it was the shop and his mom used to work here. Every day after school he would come to the inn to be with him mother. He would do his homework and play in the field across the street. So many people have told me about playing in that field with someone that lived in this house. And children still play there to this day. Later this afternoon I will open the door to welcome guests. The same gentlemen whose mom worked here all those years ago. To me, this is the heart and soul of the Nathaniel Morris Inn....its stories, its past, and the people that passed through that front door. And they are still coming, year after year. Keeping Inn touch.....


  1. I love learning the history of your Inn! I hope to someday visit you there!!


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